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About Us

You know where you where you want to get to, but the path there is less clear. Paradigm Industries is here to help you navigate the world of industrial automation so your business can achieve increased efficiency, improved quality, and smoother operation.

Paradigm offers a diverse range of services for businesses at all stages of automation, from identifying optimal targets to automate all the way to increasing the performance of existing automation solutions. We take particular pride in our custom machine vision systems which allow us to economically tackle problems that traditionally could not be automated.

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Our Services

Custom Vision Systems

An extremely powerful tool, computer vision opens up a new world of automation opportunities.

Concept Development

Paradigm can determine your unique automation requirements and create an actionable plan for achieving your vision.

Design Consulting

Whether you are designing for manufacturing, assembly, or automation, Paradigm can get you to market faster while setting you up for long term success.

Machine Analytics

Get real time information about your processes and analyze trends.

Controls Programming

Make your machines run the way you want them to.

Technology Development

With mechanical, electrical, software, and manufacturing expertise, Paradigm offers a uniquely interdisciplinary perspective for solving problems.

Time Studies

Allow Paradigm to investigate your current process to identify low hanging fruit for improvement.

Quality Consulting

Paradigm can help you reduce scrap while maintaining efficiency.

Turnkey Automation

Let us manage the entire automation process for you from start to finish.

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